The Bromley Vocal Studio

  • A Warm, Friendly Environment

    Matthew has an excellent record nurturing and developing talent through his supportive, adaptive and friendly teaching methods.

  • Online & Face to Face Lessons

    Matthew has adapted and refined his teaching practice to meet all of his students needs. He has expanded his online presence, online materials and teaching methods to meet current expectations. He welcomes those who wish to learn 'in person' and virtually.

  • High Standards

    Matthew has always striven for the highest standards in his own music making and for those he teaches. He helps students to reach their potential and achieve their goals; whether this is through audition, examination or for performance.

  • Adaptable

    Matthew enjoys a wide range of musical styles and understands how to help people develop in these. His passions include: Opera, Oratorio, Song, Musicals, Light Music and many others beside.

  • Qualified

    Matthew's work is underpinned by an enviable range of qualifications in performance, academia and teaching. These underpin his high quality, adaptable teaching methods; allowing him to meet student needs. More information regarding these can be found at: Matthew Thomas Morgan